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       SomeOne Else's Train Webring

The SomeOne Else's Train Webring is a rebirth of the 'Friends of Ellmonster Webring'.  It's basically a way to group together sites which follow the ideals this site promotes : Creativity, Uniqueness, Criticalness, and so on and so on.  If you hold these themes close to your heart and your homepage, you belong in this ring.  I encourage all of you to promote creativity and fight mediocrity... its a good thing.  So, join the ring.

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  • A Note to Existing Members:  You have been notified that the graphic has changed for the webring.  Please replace the graphic on your site to this one, remembering to change the size settings from height=113 width=184 to height=94, width=120 in the HTML Code.  Also Change "This Friends of Ellmonster Site Belongs to ..."  to "This SomeOne Else's Train Site belongs to...."
    My apologies again for this inconvienance. :)