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6.03.99 - give me a boost

so yesterday was plain awful netwise.  Tripod was down for a while and I thought my page was dropped or something cause every other tripod site I knew was working fine. But thankfully I was wrong. feeling nervous today... I dont know why. i have this terrible feeling that something big is going to happen... well, not terrible, cause I almost think its a big wonderfully happy thing... or maybe I'm just trying to convince myself.  What i do know is i have no ankles. Its a genetic thing I'm sure but I have generally thin legs and then no ankles... people tell me I do, but I just dont. I cant handle it... it drives me crazy. I need a support group... Ankle-less Anonymous.  argh. I love the feeling of just getting out of the shower and having great shampoo smelling hair.  I wish i could have that all day. I bought some cloves yesterday... yum.  No clove partner for another week or so.  So this guy I mentioned from my physics class wants to meet somewhere and study this weekend.... but its so fishy cause he is probably the smartest guy in the class... me being the smartest girl of course :) but he doesnt need help is what I mean, so its weird that he asked me.  And the way he asked, he like bowed to me or something and said some corny line like 'oh can I beg your assistance for our first test..' blah blah blah. But he was supposed to get the details from me after class, but I sneaked out cause I decided I wasnt going to make him think anything that isnt there. He is attractive but his conceited personality is just annoying. And I'm staying away from guys like that.  I should know by now.  Jess is sending me pictures to scan.. I cant wait to see them... I am so pissed that I lost my august and everything after CD. I hope to god I didnt leave it in the station cause I'm sure some asshole found it and destroyed it.  I hate daytime television.  I'm bored. must find something to do.